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I'm unlikely to upgrade again until I can figure out how to do this properly.

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Was this always a problem or just something specific to the v. I've personally never got it to work reliably across all minion upgrades with past version upgrades but I had assumed I was going about it the wrong way. This process has never been as consistent or stable as we would like it to be. But the first thing you need to do is make sure all of your minions have ZMQ 3. That minion that you listed above with ZMQ 2 is definitely going to cause problems with keeping the connection alive or reconnecting.

The rest of the process tends to depend on the init system in question and a lot of other factors. As soon as we get the general bug count under control, we want to dedicate some resources to solving this upgrade problem for good. I don't have much of a choice here unless I deviate from the repos. Minion01 replicates our legacy RHEL5 nodes which we have a lot of and I'm using it as a control for testing issues. I should also say, you're right. That said, this latest upgrade to v. Every single upgrade has stopped the salt-minion service and requires me to login and reboot the services.

Can I get around this by using salt-ssh to restart the minion services? I could use an example of how to use salt-ssh. The docs I've run across don't have too many examples of executing shell commands. I'm presuming using the -r flag raw works much like "ssh -t"? That said, it would not have helped with the v. From what I'm seeing, the package upgrade itself stops the running minion service whether via yum or from within salt's framework -- which makes sense since salt calls yum's methods which is very peculiar behavior I don't recall seeing this happen before with any daemon installed from rpm packages.

This seems to be a new upgrade artifact that I don't remember seeing before but I've only done upgrades so far. I'm going to run the upgrade in verbose mode and see if I can find any other artifacts but need to troubleshoot some 10GbE networking problems we're having first. Maybe I dismissed the idea too early I could extend your example and poll to see if the service is running every 5 minutes or something and if it is not, start the salt-minion.

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I should be able to use salt-ssh to login to all of minions and start the minion service manually however right? There is some code to stop salt-minion before upgrade and if it's an upgrade to restart the minion with service salt-minion condrestart. I don't know why this part of code doesn't work. Before 0.

Minion Rush MOD APK (UNLIMITED MONEY) | Play Store Google

I wonder if we changed something between 0. Looks like the stop of the salt-minion has been in there for awhile at least for the 0. Just wondering where you were looking to see that change. But not 0. If you upgraded from 0. After a manual restart it works and says 0.

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  6. Now with 0. Perhaps the piece of code that use the state of RPM operation doesn't work. Hrm, well, it doesn't appear to be in the spec file, so it must be somewhere else. Maybe the init script? The upgrade itself seems to have executed fine in every other regard that I can tell no errors, etc Now, I have in the past lost all of the rhel5 minions when the salt-master service is restarted.

    I haven't had a problem with that in a few versions, but as I mentioned above, I very much would like to depart from rhel5 as soon as possible. As a fail-safe, I "start" my minions every 5 minutes via cron just in case they're down for some reason or another.

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    I'll need to add the windows specific scheduler task as well. I would still like a definitive guide for how-to-upgrade minions and the salt-master. We're moving salt to production once v. In general, the upgrades themselves tend to go swimmingly. The problem is the restart after the upgrade. We have an open issue specifically for the restarting of the minion: The issue also varies in severity from system to system specifically between different init systems. Making it so the salt minion can restart itself consistently is high on our priority list.

    That's where it should be restarted Restarting the minion process from inside a state running against that minion process e. It's hard to imagine getting it to work without either a moderate re-architecture of the salt workflow or some cumbersome custom code inside the state machine to handle this special case. That said, the following has been allowing flawless upgrades for me since I started deploying minions around 0.

    Obviously, you can set the wait time to whatever you want -- just make sure it's long enough that the minion proc doesn't get whacked during the current run Using at is a great idea. And if you put order: On Fri, Dec 20, at Well, I can't believe I've never thought of using at! Thanks for your awesome workaround until we can get this working properly without it, of course. Woah cool. That's really helpful. Now you mentioned you guys watch your minion file as well.

    Are you just pulling the fqdn from the environment for the contents of that file or doing something else? I'm having a lot of trouble with renaming minions I have the master copy keys and change the contents of the minion file on the minion but a simple service restart of the salt-minion doesn't seem to be sufficient to get the master talking to the minion with the new minion hostname. This is an artifact of our kickstart setup.

    All of our hosts start up with a name that looks like "preconfig-macaddr. We then set the hostname and role of hosts via script but this has been a little painful since salt doesn't seem to readily want to move to the new hostname. The "at now" trick didn't work for renaming minions on rhel6 unfortunately. Something is caching the old hostname even though I've changed it just about everywhere I can imagine.

    I'm putting the new hostname in that file and it doesn't seem to be doing anything without a reboot. I've actually passed along to Seth the actual scripts I'm using to perform the name change. Feel free to see if I'm doing something silly. He thinks there may be a timing issue I've glossed over. You do need to restart the minion to change the minion ID.

    Don't know if "without a reboot" meant system reboot or minion restart. I don't run nscd if that matters. Just so we're all on the same page here's what I do: I have 2 hostname change scripts. One that resides on and is called from the master and one on each minion. The master calls the minion script as a part of its script via salt's remote execution framework:. I think I see what's going on here. I think what you need to do is delete the keys on the master before the minion is restarted with the new ID. Nevermind, though, that particular issue should be resolved with a minion restart, not a minion system restart.

    Still, would be something to try. Are you implying this can't be done without an out-of-band restart of the salt minion via salt-ssh or some other method? Looks like your pull request is merged, and I'm working on merging it forward today. My solution for now is also using at but I use this command: There should probably be a delay option for service.

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    Or better yet a way for the salt-minion to be survive a restart. Hm, this issue is labeled "documentation", but the discussions doesn't really be about documentation. Is this properly labeled?

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