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The URL property name defined by each list object can be configured via the urlProperty option. By default, it is set to href , which allows to pass a list of HTML link elements as first argument. For images, the thumbnail property defines the URL of the image thumbnail, which is used for the indicator navigation displayed at the bottom of the Gallery, if the controls are visible.

Responsive Touch Slider/Slideshow/Gallery/Carousel/Banner html5 ad

The object returned by executing the Gallery function the gallery variable in the example code above is a new instance of the Gallery and allows to access the public API methods provided by the Gallery. The Gallery initialization function returns false if the given list was empty, the Gallery widget is missing, or the browser doesn't pass the functionality test. The Gallery object returned by executing the Gallery function provides the following public API methods:.

The Gallery can be initialized with a list of videos instead of images, or a combination of both:. The Gallery uses the type property to determine the content type of the object to display. If the type property is empty or doesn't exist, the default type image is assumed.

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Objects with a video type will be displayed in a HTML5 video element if the browser supports the video content type. For videos, the poster property defines the URL of the poster image to display, before the video is started. To provide multiple video formats, the sources property of a list object can be set to an array of objects with href and type properties for each video source. The first video format in the list that the browser can play will be displayed:. It is also possible to define the video sources as data-attribute on a link element in JSON array format:.

If the href and poster properties are undefined, they are set automatically based on the video ID. Please note that the Gallery Vimeo integration requires a browser with postMessage support, which excludes IE7. Finally, initialize the Gallery with an onslide callback option, to set the element content based on the information from the current link:. By extending the Gallery prototype with new factory methods, additional content types can be displayed.

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By default, blueimp Gallery provides the imageFactory and videoFactory methods for image and video content types respectively. The Gallery uses the type property of each content object to determine which factory method to use. The type defines the Internet media type of the content object and is composed of two or more parts: A type, a subtype, and zero or more optional parameters, e.

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The main type the string in front of the slash, text in the example above is concatenated with the string Factory to create the factory method name, e. Please note that the textFactory script has to be included after the core Gallery script, but before including the YouTube and Vimeo integration plugins, which extend the textFactory implementation to handle YouTube and Vimeo video links.


Please also note that although blueimp Gallery doesn't require jQuery , the following example uses it for convenience. The blueimp Gallery jQuery plugin registers a global click handler to open links with data-gallery attribute in the Gallery lightbox. To use it, follow the lightbox setup guide, but replace the minified Gallery script with the jQuery plugin version and include it after including jQuery:. The onclick handler from the lightbox setup guide is not required and can be removed. The jQuery plugin also introduces the additional filter option, which is applied to the Gallery links via jQuery's filter method and allows to remove duplicates from the list:.

This will initialize the Gallery with the option startSlideshow set to true. It will also filter the Gallery links so that only links with an even index number will be included. If the data-gallery attribute value is a valid id string e. Setting data-gallery to a non-empty string also allows to group links into different sets of Gallery images:. This will open the links with the data-gallery attribute blueimp-gallery-fruits in the Gallery widget with the id blueimp-gallery-fruits , and the links with the data-gallery attribute blueimp-gallery-vegetables in the Gallery widget with the id blueimp-gallery-vegetables.

The gallery object is stored via jQuery data storage on the Gallery widget when the Gallery is opened and can be retrieved the following way:. The jQuery plugin triggers Gallery events on the widget container, with event names equivalent to the gallery event callbacks:. The helper script can be replaced by jQuery v. The fullscreen, indicator, video, youtube and vimeo source files are optional if their functionality is not required. The jQuery plugin requires jQuery v. Please note that the jQuery plugin is an optional extension and not required for the Gallery functionality.

Please note: Microsoft Edge version 40 has a query selector bug which prevents the Gallery lightbox demo from opening the image view. This has been fixed in Microsoft Edge version 41 and later. Thanks to Kenneth G. Chin for the information. The swipe implementation is based on code from the Swipe library. Skip to content.

Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. It features swipe, mouse and keyboard navigation, transition effects, slideshow functionality, fullscreen support and on-demand content loading. Find file. Download ZIP. Launching GitHub Desktop Just a stretched thumbnail or gray placeholder is used, with the full image progressively loaded over top.

Luke Wroblewski on spinners: If at least a tiny part of the image has not loaded for 1 second or a browser does not support progressive loading, a spinning progress indicator smoothly fades in. A delay is added to avoid blinking in case the image was cached or the user has a fast connection. The image starts loading before the animation, so users on fast connections might not even notice that something was loading.

You can control how many images to preload through the API. You can use Schema. If an image is smaller than the viewport, PhotoSwipe will show a zoom cursor over the image and zoom icon in the top bar. When an image is zoomed in, the user can pan across it via the mouse wheel or the trackpad or by dragging it. And if you need to extend this functionality, you can use the API, of course. The UI is entirely separated from the core of the script.

Default PhotoSwipe UI is responsive — optimized for desktop, tablets and mobile devices. PNG is used for regular 1x displays. The default UI has a button that pops open a window with sharing links. A full-screen image-viewing experience is supported, including on mobile devices with native full-screen support. PhotoSwipe can be closed simply by scrolling the page on non-touch devices , thus avoiding any extra movement of the mouse. PhotoSwipe is treated as a modal dialog, so aria attributes are added, and the gallery gains focus when it is open. Images are displayed at their highest possible size and are not limited by the width of the column or wrapper.

Each image is isolated from the other content and fits the viewport vertically, so that the user can focus on it. If an image is larger than the viewport, it can be zoomed which most galleries are unable to do. But if the image has important details and the user zooms it, it will look pixelated. With PhotoSwipe, when the user taps the small image pixels , the large one will load pixels , thus preserving all of the detail.

5 (Free) Beautiful Mobile-Friendly Image Sliders

Also, it occupies less space on the page, and you can directly link to individual images in a gallery. PhotoSwipe is broken down into modules. Built with Grunt , linted with JSHint. The CSS comes out to 0. Uses Sass preprocessor. The script has been developed to work on every device, which means that basic functionality should be supported everywhere:. If you discover a problem on your device, please open an issue on GitHub , and provide as much detail as possible OS name and version, browser name and version, screenshot or screencast, etc.

Images will be crawlable if you'll have list of links to large images or the images themselves. The script is free to use for personal and commercial projects. It falls under the MIT license with one exception: Do not create a public WordPress plugin based on it, as I will develop it. If you need to use it for a public WordPress plugin right now, please ask me by email first.

Attribution is not required, but much appreciated, especially if you're making product for developers. The script was created by Code Computerlove , a digital agency in Manchester. In March , it passed on development to Dmitry Semenov.

Powered With Top Notch Features

The new version of PhotoSwipe 4. Built-in support for jQuery Mobile has been dropped. Letter is sent only when I release a new product, article or important update. Not more often than 3 times a year. Powered by MailChimp, unsubscribe any time. PhotoSwipe v4. This is dummy caption. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text.

It is not meant to be read. Dummy caption. It's Greek to you. Unless, of course, you're Greek, in which case, it really makes no sense. It's a dummy caption. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed. Demo gallery style All controls caption, share and fullscreen buttons, tap to toggle controls. Minimal no caption, transparent background, tap to close. WordPress PhotoSwipe plugin is under development!

Leave your email to get notified. Touch gestures All basic gestures are supported: Spread to zoom image PhotoSwipe is the first open-source gallery to support JavaScript-based image zooming. Vertical swipe to close gallery Gesture is added because close button in top right corner might be hard to reach on tall mobile devices while holding in one hand.

Horizontal swipe to switch items Images can be changed even when current slide is zoomed.