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  1. Altec Lansing Octiv 650 (around $200)
  2. JBL On Air Wireless review
  3. JBL On Air Wireless review- Tech Reviews, Firstpost
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  5. iLuv iMM514 Stereo Speaker Dock for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

The Si comes with a rechargeable batter that lasts up to 8 hours of play time. The triangular shape makes it a better unit for a corner than anywhere else. Bose has been synonymous with quality in the audio world for a long time, and nothing has changed with the Bose iPod speaker dock. Expect a surprising amount of body coming out of this single speaker solution.

Altec Lansing Octiv 650 (around $200)

It comes with an auxiliary jack so you can connect other devices. Also, you can navigate through your play lists through the remote. The Breathe iF iPod dock has probably more bass than any other dock on this list. Where most iPod docks tend to distort at high volumes, this Edifier unit will handle whatever you throw at it, making it the ideal party speaker.

The Sonos iPod dock is much more than a single speaker solution. Sonos is a growable whole-house audio distribution system. In a way it has it all: Every room that has an S5 or other ZP Zone Player , can have any song streamed to it from your iPod or just about any other source. Our company sells Sonos. First, let me digress a little from this review with a little anecdote: One of the sales girls noticed me messing with it and began to tell me how incredible the dock speaker was.

She said they prefer the Audyssey speaker over all the others, period.

JBL On Air Wireless review

They could crank it up until the store was filled with music and hear lots of bass with no distortion. She swore that it sounded so wonderful that she was going to buy one for herself. And now, I have. Let me point out right away the one thing that disappointed me in the specs. It just requires too many compromises.

JBL On Air Wireless review- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

That was a shock. I was able to walk around most of my 1, sq. Setting up this Bluetooth could not have been easier.

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Boy, after having various Bluetooth pairing nightmares with other wireless products, this was a welcome relief. There is a fullness to the audio whether I am listening with it nearby or across the room. Back away from the speaker and the audio sweet spot dissipates. Not so with the SOMA. I like that.


So far, there have been no upgrades, so this button remains a mystery. Also included is a microphone audio output as well as an analog AUX input for connecting non-Apple audio devices. There is no headphone jack, which I think is a mistake. Do you like bass?

Speaker docks for your iPod or iPhone both cheap and pricey!

The Soma has that covered with two 4-inch long-throw woofers. There are also two.

iLuv iMM514 Stereo Speaker Dock for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

To say that it made a difference is an understatement. The thundering came through at full volume with no distortion of any kind. Once my friends could hear and feel the impact of this bass, they wanted a SOMA, bad. Despite the impressive audio the SOMA puts out, there are other cool things about the dock.

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  • The app includes a full-featured equalizer with as many eQ curve adjustments as you can add just by tapping on the visual editor and creating a point that you can then slide up or down. This app does not work with regular or older iPods. However, once docked, those iPods will play just fine without the app. With my older eyes, the visual equalizer feels a bit too small on an iPhone screen.

    I would love to see Audyssey develop an iPad version of this app. However I docked a friends iPad to see what would happen and it worked just fine.

    Also in the app, there is a much simplified equalizer called Tone Controls. But Audyssey did make it easier. Because even if that is too complicated for you, there is Audyssey Tilt: One slider that moves from bass to treble. In Background Listening mode, Dynamic Volume compensates for low volume background listening by boosting frequencies that are typically lost in reduced volume.

    It is a subtle, but amazing feature that is not appreciated until used. Set Dynamic Volume on Automatic mode and all your songs will be played at a more consistent volume level no matter how loud or soft they were recorded. At my office I can dock my iPhone and just leave it there while I play iTunes while working. Many times I have really liked a new audio product at first, but as time passed, I would begin to notice little quirks or annoyances. I have listened to it for well over a month now and it just seems to get better and better each day. After spending all this time with it, I have come to the realization that the South of Market audio dock is a keeper.

    Hi Jane, Yes the price is steep, but Audyssey has an excellent reputation. It is also heavy and substantial feeling… Perfect for travel!

    JBL on stage micro(ipod speaker) review

    My son has an iMT and loves it. The sound is incredible! Go figure. I have not heard the JBL dock, but they make good stuff and have a good reputation.